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STH advanced training droid
STH Advanced Training Droid
Production information
Date created

c. 14 NE


Stonewall Defense Corporation


Advanced Sith trainer


Stealth Trainer/Hunters

Technical specifications

2.2 meters


Gender neutral

Sensor color


Plating color
  • Gray (standard units)
  • Black (stealth units)
  • Red (advanced saber units)

Unarmed but can be equipped with:

  • Blasters
  • Lightsabers
  • Force pikes
  • Bladed melee weapons
  • Programming in all known melee styles and weapons
  • Programming in all forms of ranged weaponry
  • Programming in all forms of hand-to-hand combat
  • Extensive knowledge of Human and non-Human anatomy
  • AI capable of learning, adapting, and improvising
  • Hyper-sensitive reflexes package
  • Capable of multi-spectrum sight
  • 500 x optical zoom
  • Phrik alloy plating (advanced saber training units)
  • Durasteel plating (standard units)
Chronological and political information

New Empire


Imperial Order of the Sith

The STH training droid is the most advanced combat droid ever created. It was built to Darth Taral's detailed specifications for the purpose of training his new Sith recruits. The STH can hold its own in multiple forms of combat with even the most seasoned organics and given enough time to learn and adapt, can even prove to be a challenge for a trained Sith Lord. The Imperial Order of the Sith employs 500 units as of 15 NE.


Saber Training

STH droids are used for a number of training purposes, but none so impressive as those outfitted for lightsaber training. These special units are programmed with hundreds of melee styles, including all known lightsaber-specific forms. These droids are the heartiest of the different models, skinned in lightsaber-resistant phrik armor plating and sporting a reinforced chassis capable of standing up to the extreme punishment a Sith Lord can dish out.

Their plating, being lightsaber-resistant, cannot be damaged. However, the droids have hundreds of sensors that register blows. These sensors allow the droids to simulate injuries by cutting power to whichever section would have otherwise been damaged or destroyed by the lightsaber blade. This gives the Sith the most realistic simulation of combat outside of another organic.

Because the droids' AI continuously learn and adapt from the Sith they face, over time they accumulate the collective skills of every Sith they have dueled against and become extremely deadly combatants. The most veteran droids are usually reserved only for Masters of the highest skill.

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