Richard Valkyrie
Richard Valkyrie
Biographical Information
Current Residence


Place of Birth

Kel Dor, the Hassarkian Consortium

Date of Birth

25 NE

Physical Description




Hair Color

Dark Brown

Eye Color



Left Hand

Chronological and Political Information
  • Co-Founder of the Interstellar Oversight Committee.
Family Information

Markus Valkyrie


Lillian Valkyrie

Miscellaneous Information

Ballpoint Pen

"For too long have Force Users claimed superiority. Its time for us to gain a measure of control, before this gets completely out of hand."
―Richard Valkyrie at the opening of the Interstellar Oversight Advisory.

Richard Valkyrie is the eldest son of Markus Valkyrie, Fleet Admiral within Imperial Military Order. He is also known as one of the three Co-Founders of the Interstellar Oversight Committee, which was founded in the Hassarkian Consortium before expanding to the Galactic Empire.

Richard Valkyrie is often found at the Order of Imperial Knights as the official representative of the Knights wellbeing. He occasionally visits the Imperial Order of the Sith also.


Early LifeEdit

Interstellar Oversight AdvisoryEdit

"There is no power, there is only Law."
―The Motto of the I.O.A.

Through his life, Richard had always been around Force Users. When Gabriel Florise took over Hassark Prime in 2 NE, he saw first hand the effect that the Force made people assume that they were all powerful. Florise used his power to control the nation against its collective will. It almost destroyed Hassark Prime. It set Richard on a path that would define the rest of his life. A sincere unappreciation of the Force. He was a normal citizen, and thought the Force was a tool that Jedi and Sith used to dominate others.

It took him a number of years, but finally in 12 NE the Interstellar Oversight Advisory was created to oversee the activities of Force Organizations. It was Richard's hope that the I.O.A would stand as an official galactic entity, to look after the rights of the civillians who would be effected by the Force Users. To some extent it also dealt with User on User damage.

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