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This RP story is one that focuses on what actually happened to Jedi Master and Council member Charlie Loss after he supposedly died in 4 NE at the Texas Jedi Temple during the Aztec Sith Assault and advances to 12 NE.


Charlie Loss fights for his life as the deranged Confederate Admiral rains turbolasers down upon the Confederate Jedi's temple. A large boulder crashes down atop Loss, however he threw up a Force bubble and managed to save himself. He then fled the scene, hoping to survive.

Advance by eight years in early 12 NE, where Loss has tracked back to the Aztec Sith's original base in southern Mexico. He finds that none have survived and that the Aztec Sith, despite Darth Ne'irha's survival, are extinct. He finally leaves the area, unsure of whether he should go back to the Confederate Jedi and rejoin them.


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