The Ragnarok Class is the main battleship of the RI space fleet.� While similar to the larger Apocalypse Class, the Ragnarok Class is smaller and much easier to mass produce.� Similar to a Star Destroyer is size and power the Ragnarok Class is intended to replace the older Galliant, Promethius, and Tantalus Classes of ship within the next 10 years.


The Ragnarok Class was designed as the ultimate multi-use space ship.� Its major integration to reach the high goals was a brand new AI system.� This allowed the Ragnarok Class to work at full function with as few as five crew members.� Due to a cut down on crew much of the former space used for crew quarters could be replaced with weapons, shields, and hangar bays.� The only short coming to the design was that it had a limited amount of space for passengers and could not be used to replace existing transport ships.


The Ragnarok Class is as heavily armed� as two full star destroyers.� The ship is equpped with up to 100 pilotless "Dart" fighters which are completely controlled by the on-board AI.� The ship also has room for multiple attachments to increase its fire power such as new weapons or adaptions to old weapons.� The only downfall is that the Ragnarok Class has proven to be too small to host the Darkburster superweapon.

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