Technical information
Alternate name(s)

Projection Magic

Historical information


Notable practitioners

"The power to make real that which is not, or which cannot be. One can imagine the infinite potential of such an ability; sadly, the effective use of Projection requires many times more power than that possessed by the average Jedi Master, rendering it quite useless for all but the smallest tasks." -Garland, speaking on Projection

Projection was an Astral ability through which Astral Energy could be given corporeal form with virtually any shape and characteristics the user desired. Although holding considerable potential, Projecting even the smallest and simplest objects required considerable concentration, and the use of the ability could be highly taxing. Performing large-scale Projection was virtually impossible for even the most powerful Astral Users without using a complex ritual to assist in guiding the large quantities of Astral Energy involved. As a result, it was widely regarded as useless, but several individuals and entities did make use of the ability, some to great effect.

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