Project Wayfarer is an ongoing exploration mission conducted by the Holy Imperial Aerospace Navy of Kira's Kingdom. Commenced in 28 BNE by the nation's then-fledgling aerospace force, it initially sought to discover habitable planets to ease the burden of a rapidly growing population. After several such planets and the Ancients' Gateway were discovered the project was extended indefinitely with the new objective of charting previously unexplored space, primarily in the galaxy NGC 6744.


Name Category Notes
Ancients' Gateway Extraterrestrial Artifact
Athena Gas Giant
Bia Gas Giant
Boreas Gas Giant
Centra Habitable Planet First habitable planet discovered by Project Wayfarer
Ceto Habitable Planet
Chione Habitable Planet
Cybele Habitable Planet
Demeter Habitable Planet
Feronia Habitable Planet
Hades Gas Giant
Hephaestus Gas Giant
Inculta Habitable Planet
Invidia Gas Giant
Iris Gas Giant
Themis Habitable Planet Most heavily populated planet in Kira's Kingdom
Vejovis Gas Giant

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