Project Scion was a research and development project by the Ishii naval arm. It was meant to appropriately update the branch to suit Ishii advances in the field of naval warfare as well as to suit Ish'Cong's changing position in the galactic theater.

The Project was specifically aimed at the development of new ship classes and the systems they would use in the future. Therefore, one of the mandates of the project was parallel development or changes to several systems in order to promote synergy for both the individual ships and the fleets at large.



Whereas previously the space forces had a lone multi-role fighter for cost purposes, Ish'Cong's economic growth now permitted a more diverse and specialized array of fighter craft.

It is of note that the aspect of the Project dedicated to replacing the Jyoun-Class Fighter was placed on a stricter and accelerated schedule in order to counter the intelligence leak resulting from Thenion's Immaculate Kin stealing several Jyouns and duplicating their design.

Assarianto-Class DestroyerEdit

In comparison to most of the rest of the Project, the Assarianto-Class Cruiser was found to be still fit for service, without the need for a new ship. Instead of a replacement, the ship itself was refit and upgraded to improve and further specialize its role in an Ishii squadron. Its weapons were powered down, however, and more PDS systems took the place of some of the larger guns. This would help its role as a destroyer. Missile racks were also added.

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