"Go forward without fear, my brethren, for if it is our turn to die, the Spirits will not take our own if we die cowards." - Censor Olya Qrt before the Battle of Chgra Mynara, 2052

Princeps Senatus, Chieftan Olya Qrt is joint head of state of the United Birtish Territories and Chieftan of the Marjn Tribe.


Olya Qrt was born on December 13th 2001, son of Martha Qrt and Narcia Qrt (née Wilka), respected leaders within the tribe. His father died during the Battle of Liberation, the assualt on Nordheim held Svalbard in 2010, leaving him an orphan from then on. His mother then chose to give up their previously nomadic lifestyle, and moved to Fort Chgra Mynara, where Olya then spent much of his young life. In 2018, his mother married again, although the marraige produced no children.

In 2019, Olya joined the army, serving initially with the Senatorial Legion, before being advanced to the Imperial Legion. In 2023, he was elected a Tribune for Nord-Ost Birts. Three years later, in 2026, be became a Senator, at that time, the youngest. He moved swiftly up the magistracies, and was elected Consul for the year [Birts]2067 (20/03/2037 - 20/03/2038). Two years later, in 2040, he was elected Censor, a position normally held for 4 years. Then, in 2042, Great Khan James Wilkinson II died, leaving no heir. Olya, also a Marjn, lost no time declaring himself successor to both the Chieftanship and the Khanate. A stand-off insued with other claimants.

This stand-off was only broken in 2052, when the Shaman's negotiated a deal between Olya Qrt and Rafa Achtoma, that gave Olya Qrt the Chieftanship, as well as the position of Princeps Senatus, which was to be reworked to give it more power. Only then, ten years after his election, did Olya Qrt give up the position of Censor.

With this, begun the new era of the joint Principate and Khanate of the United Birtish Territories.

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