President Michael Lundgren
"I would rather stand by my principles and do that which I know to be right and lose everything, than abandon those principles and do that which I know to be wrong, and gain everything."

Michael Lundgren responding to an opponent in a debate.

President Michael Lundgren is the current President of the United States of Americans. Through the first four years of his presidency he has led the United States with confidence and honor and continues to impress those around him. He has also led a life of interest to both scholars, philosophers, soldiers, and average people alike.

Life Before the PresidencyEdit

"We all make mistakes. We have to take them for what they are, lessons that can only be learned the hard way. Well, unless of course it's a fatal mistake. But at least somebody else can learn from that."

-Michael Lundgren 'speaking to a high school teacher about his missing essay.

Early LifeEdit

Michael Lundgren was born on the fifth of February in 1970 in Huntington Beach California to his father Don and mother Laura Lundgren. Michael lived an almost normal childhood except for the lack of children in his own neighborhood. As a result Michael spent much time around his parents and other adults which seemed to mature him faster than most others his age.

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