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Phillips Bloodline
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The Phillips family first gained galactic prominence in approximately 3 BNE, when Shane Phillips founded ImperiusX and lead it into an age of success, wherein it established itself as an interstellar empire. Shane Phillips himself would go on to become the 2nd Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy, and one of the Galactic Empire's most prominent people, elevating ImperiusX's status with him. He was also trained in the ways of the Force and of the Dark Side, founding a unique Dark Side religion which he spread throughout the nation, turning the vast majority of its inhabitants into Dark Side Adepts. He became one of few Dark Lords of the Sith, and trained his daughter and heir, Tanis, everything he knew so that one day she would succeed him as both the ruler of ImperiusX and as a Dark Lord.

At some point around the Galactic Empire's Millennial era, one member of the Phillips family, Jenira, was born and raised in Korribanos, outside isolationist ImperiusX, oblivious to her heritage, and in the employ of the Galactic Empire, as an Imperial Knight...

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