Perú is arguably the oldest nation to claim Peruvian ancestry on Earth, and is considered and Elder Power in South America as well as a near-founding member of the New Axis Powers and creator of the Elite Forces groups. Perú long ranged as one of the largest and most powerful nations, and was invited by the Dominiorate of Paraguay to become a founding Guarantor of the Amazonia Defense Pact.

Recent HistoryEdit

The earlier history of the current state of Perú is uncertain, but it is known to have been consolidated into a powerful, highly militaristic fascist regime and present as a founding or near founding member of the New Axis Powers (NAP) in the 20's BNE. Perú remained among the top 2-3 supreme powers in size and military potency for decades, and was fairly isolationist in world affairs aside from its NAP support and founding of a small, secretive Elite Forces Faction. Despite distant tensions over border claims to the Amazon, the Supreme Interstellar Dominiorate of Paraguay developed an alliance and relative peace with Perú which lasted for several decades and made Perú, along with the ACCR

A gradual unexplained decline in its size and influence led to discussions of its replacement in the Amazonia Pact Convention of 12 NE. A month later, the Peruvian Government disappeared entirely. Forced into unilateral collapse around the nation, chaos and insurgency threatened to completely annihilate the once Guardian Power.

The Hassarkian Consortium stepped in quickly, under the command of Shadow Trustee Martin Harvey. Mr Harvey brought numerous Star Destroyers and aide to the nation, supporting it and stopping it from further collapse.

Paraguay, one Peru's longest ally's and close neighbour, was concerned about the Hassarkian Consortium's Imperialist intentions, made issue about the Consortium's actions in the Amazon Pact. An aid motion was also made by Paraguay in the All Nations Assembly (ANA) with language discouraging imperialism- but which led to some debate between the two great nations on the floor.

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