Mri Cluster Flag

Flag of the Mri Cluster and Onderil

The Nation of Onderil was founded in 3762KC as a refuge for Xanthiri escaping prejudice from the Mri on their homeworld of Lesir. The planet now known as Onderil had been claimed by the Mri Empire twelve years earlier after a brief skirmish with local sentient lifeforms and a synthetic race attempting to protect the native life. The Population of Onderil continues to expand as multiple races including the Xanthiri, Mri, and Kurians all work to co-exist on one world with one government. When the Xanthiri Revolt occured in the home system there was an exodus back to Lesir to help fight the war.

In the years following the initial wave of colonists millions more poured into the dual planet system. Eventually leading to the colonization of a second System. The technology of Onderil is linked to their home universe and seem to be gaining more strength every passing year. It is expected they will surpass their homeland within a few more years of technological advance. When Queen Ariel I arrived it didn't take more than 6 months for her to get everything in place to bring the Kesrith system with her. She moved most of the population into the fortified capitol system. The only system in which never compeltely fell to the Naxid Swarm.

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