"By comparison, the Nwrt are peaceful. They fight only when attacked, and prefer to live out in the west, away from the influences of the the southern Scandinavian people." - Harold Wilkinson, 1756, from the book, On the Birtish Peoples.

Important Living MembersEdit

Here follows a list of important living members of the Nwrt Tribe, both politicians, cultural and sporting icons, and other miscellaneous people.


  • Praetor Nwrkasenn
  • Quaestor Chieftan Hawq (not Chieftan of Nwrt, but claims to be descended from Chieftans of the Fardrta).
  • Head of the Council Havelock Briaknord, leader of the civilian rebel movement.
  • Council Member Frathm Briaknord.

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