The city of
061 Nadensburg


Nadensburg is the capital of the Kingdom Of Barnopea and is the localtion of the Royal Houses of Parliment, the Palace of Nadensberry ,the Cathedral of Nadenbury all the government� agencys are based in the City it is also� were� the Royal Fleet Yards Home of the Barnopean Royal Navy is .it is also home to serveral Museums the� Center of the City is Spilt in to Quarters these Quarters are the
  • Old Quarter
  • the Government Quarter
  • the Shopping Quarter
  • the Harbor Quarter

these Quarters make up the Graeter Nadensburg District

the city outside the Center is spilt in to Districts these are in order of size

  • Blaby
  • Lindensfeild
  • Wardensbrook
  • Lowestion
  • Tingly
  • Shepham
  • Classington
  • Bostion

Nadensburg's History Edit

the City of Nadensburg has been the home Of� Barnopean Government Since the 3rd centuary AD it take it's it's name from from the old Barnopean For royal city

Nadensburg todayEdit

the city of nadensburg is a modern and vibrant city

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