Infobox templates can be created or modified using module templates, rather than coding them directly. Place these templates within the infobox template page in place of their corresponding code segments, filling all fields as instructed.

Module Templates

The templates, in the order they would normally be called, are: (usage instruction on each page)
Template:InfoboxSubheader (may be repeated)
Template:InfoboxField (may be repeated)


A typical modular infobox code will look like this.

{{InfoboxSubheader|{{{hideb|}}}|{{{subhdrfont|}}}|{{{theme|}}}|{{{BG2|}}}|414141|{{{sbhdrtxtclr|}}}|Biographical Information}}
{{InfoboxField|{{{birth|}}}|{{{fldtxtclr|}}}|Date of Birth}}
{{InfoboxField|{{{death|}}}|{{{fldtxtclr|}}}|Date of Death}}
{{InfoboxSubheader|{{{hidep|}}}|{{{subhdrfont|}}}|{{{theme|}}}|{{{BG2|}}}|414141|{{{sbhdrtxtclr|}}}|Physical Description}}
{{InfoboxField|{{{eyes|}}}|{{{fldtxtclr|}}}|Eye Color}}
{{InfoboxField|{{{hair|}}}|{{{fldtxtclr|}}}|Hair Color}}
{{InfoboxEnd|{{{headerfont|}}}|{{{theme|}}}|{{{BG1|}}}|242424|Module Demo}}

The inclusion code (the code included on a page to add the infobox) will be the same as for a standard infobox. The order of the parameters is irrelevant, however, as a general rule display options (colors, width, etc.) should come first, while fields and hide parameters should follow in the order they and their corresponding subheaders will appear.


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