Miri Lawson
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16 BNE

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Left Forearm + hand

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  • ImperiusX

Miri Lawson is an accomplished ambassador for ImperiusX, and Chief Ambassador to Ish'Cong.

24 as of 8 NE, she retains the title of "Sith Graduate", and the fair skill that comes with this rank.

She has a sister back home in ImperiusX, but Miri herself is currently (8 NE) residing in ImperiusX's embassy on the sovereign soil granted by Ish'Cong's Regent.


The life of Miri Lawson was of little significance, in the grand scheme of things. Up until a certain point, at least. Namely, up until the Iyi Incident, at which point she helped save the galaxy.

Growing up

Miri's early life was largely uneventful, and although it had a bit of a tragic tinge to it, Miri largely enjoyed her early years. Born three years after her sister, Miri started off terribly shy, and generally lived in the shadow of her big sister, who became like her protector, and looked after her baby sister alongside their mother.

Miri's father was a government Intelligence Agent, and Miri looked up to him as her hero, despite the fact that he was almost never around. When Miri was finally old enough to understand the concept of interstellar government, and why her father was never around, she began aspiring to have a job with the government, just like her father, her hero.

Her mother was a housewife, staying home to raise the two children while they lived on the rarely-seen father's decent pay. Living alone with her kids as she did, she often got quite lonley, and missed her husband dearly. She refused to divorce him because she depended on his pay and because her personal morals and values were highly conservative, a trait she tried hard to pass on to her children.
Miri's mother was a fragile woman, and although she tried her very best to raise her kids properly, she would often fall ill and be largly incapacitated, depending on Miri's older sister or a babysitter to do what was necessary.


The Iyi Incident

Ihylln and Ish'Cong

Personality and Traits

Miri is commonly described as modest, patient, outgoing, open-minded, diplomatic and especially understanding. She is also loyal, most notably to her state, but also to herself and her friends and family.

Additionally, she can also be quite courageous, as evidenced during the Iyi incident, where, despite being a civilian, she survived a dangerous and usually combat-heavy situation and showed little fear throughout.

Despite this, Miri also has the capacity to be wrathful, cold, violent and/or envious. Though, this is almost certainly a result of her training in the way of the Dark Side of the Force.



Miri met Ihylln during the Iyi incident, during which she was representing ImperiusX. They grew very close during the ordeal, despite the dangers, and are currently (8NE) involved in a romantic relationship.

Notable Friends & Acquaintances

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