Miranda Ashford
Biographical Information
Current Residence
  • Bos Pity
Place of Birth
  • Elysium
Date of Birth
  • 2 Ne
Physical Description
  • Human
  • Female
Hair Color
  • Blonde
Eye Color
  • Green
Chronological and Political Information
  • Unknown
Family Information
Twin Siblings
  • Alexia Ashford
Skills and Abilities
  • Basic
Miscellaneous Information
  • Throwing Knives

Early Life Edit

Born 2 NE through genetic engineering, both she and her brother have both the intellagence of her father and her ancestor Alexia Ashford. Although she is a twin to her brother. She has a different personality then her twin, becuase she is more of a sadist. Aside from her sadist side, she is overprotective of her family. To her, anyone who messes with here family or bad mouth her and them, don't get
Miranda Ashford

Miranda Ashford

a second chance. She would torture them for days until they pass out from the pain. Miranda is known to be spoiled thanks to her father who would get anything she asked for. On her 12th birthday, she was given throwing knives from a friend that works for the company. She sometimes use these knives as hidden blades that she would hide in her coat.

Miranda is also known to have goodside instead of sadistic all the time. She always treat her family and those she likes with respect. Those who earn her repect, never betray it or they will risk there lives. She likes to tease her brother most of the time when donovon shoots instead of bribing people to keep quiet.

Head of Science Edit

Miranda became the head of science division in Bos Pity when the old head of the division was killed by an experiment. The reason she choose the facility, is becuase it was an isolated world where the base was underground. She became famous in Umbrella Corporation after the discovery of a new virus that she called the Las Plagas. The virus is more of a parasite, where it makes the host function normal instead of a mindless zombie. She hopes that these new being will become new soldiers of the company. She also hoped the las plagas will change the galaxy by stopping wars by injecting people with the plagas.

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