Mars Class
Mars-Class Battleship
Production Information

Imperial Shipyards

Technical Specifications

3000 meters

Hyperdrive System

Warp Crystal Drive

Power Plant
Sensor Systems
  • VDES Array
  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (Variant 1)
  • High-mass Neutron Cannon (Variant 2 and later)
  • Proton Cannon (474) (Variant 1)
  • Neutron Cannon (474) (Variant 2 and later)
  • Point-Defense Laser (250)
  • Missile Tube (250)
Escape Craft

250 (seat 5)




3 years

Other Systems

New Empire


The Mars-Class Battleship is employed by Kira's Kingdom, and was also fielded by the New Kingdom Alliance. They are the primary battleships of the Holy Imperial Aerospace Navy.


Variant 1Edit

Variant 1 ships are equipped with a forward magnetic accelerator cannon and 374 Proton Cannons, which were replaced in later variants, as well as several other armaments which survived future upgrades. Variant 1 ships were constructed until early 11 NE by Kira's Kingdom, and until early 12 NE by the New Kingdom Alliance.

Variant 2Edit

In early 11 NE, the Mars-Class was upgraded to Variant 2, with the most notable changes being the replacement of the forward MAC with a high-mass Neutron Cannon, the replacement of the Proton Cannons with more effective Neutron Cannons, and the replacement of the fusion reactor with a Metatron Reactor. Variant 2 ships were constructed until mid 12 NE.

Variant 3Edit

Variant 3 added several newly-developed technologies, including the multi-purpose Spacetime Manipulation System and the Morris-Thorne Drive. Variant 3 is the current production model, and all remaining Variant 1 & 2 ships are in the process of being upgraded to Variant 3 standards.

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