Wilhelm Geoffry Lyon Farakarov VII, Lord of Vaalborg, Baron of Vinohrady, Duke of Kharus, Earl of Brnade and King of all Brno.


Wilhelm Farakarov was born on the 12th April 2016, son of Lord Gregory Wilhem Samuel Farakarov of Vaalborg and Ursula Maria Farakarov (née Dunn), their second child (his sister, Maria Julia Vine, née Farakarov was born 15th June, 2013).

Wilhelm attended the Royal Hartlóva Boy's School, in Skargen until the age of 18. He then went to University College, Oxford to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics, graduating in 2037.

He then returned to Brno, now under the rule of the United Birtish Territories, where he enrolled into the Domestic Birtish Intelligence Agency (DBIA). He remained in the service of Birtish intelligence service right through the political instabilities of the 2040s, gathering information for the regime of Vinohrady Island. Although remaining on their agents list, he became less active when Vinohrady Island declared itself an independent country, Birtish Brno.

In early 2047, Wilhelm founded the Protectors. The aim of the group was to protect the interests of the nobility in the new Brno.

In January 2049, Wilhelm was offered the empty throne of Brno. On the 14th Febuary, 2049, he was crowned King of all Brno, taking with that all the other titles that the reigning monarch held (Baron of Vinohrady, Duke of Kharus and Earl of Brnade.)

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