Lord Stryfe
Biographical information

~9,000BNE (original Human body)


8 NE (final death)

Physical description

Human, originally (capable of transferring life essence into host bodies)



Chronological and political information
Known apprentices

Lord Stryfe. Lord Jarsick. The Supreme Commander of Darkness. Tool of Destruction.

These are titles that he held, which do nothing to describe him. Lord Stryfe is a mysterious man, with the singlehandedly most powerful connection to the Darkness in the galaxy. Known for his tactical mind, and his grand plans for power, he was the man behind the Organization crisis. Spanning over fifty years, he plotted his way into ruling the galaxy. Xenomorphs, piracy, and ground assults were used in his grand plan to gain control of the Galactic Empire. But some say this is part of an even larger plot.


The original users of the Darkness were born in a galaxy far away, unknown, and now destroyed. They had learnt how to access the Darkness, living an isolated existance, feeding from it only. It was during this time, that they felt the True Force, living without needing anything other than the constant power of the Force, but as benevolent entities that served only the transcendant will they percieved in the True Force. However, this grew weak quickly, as the galaxy began to fade. So, quickly, they moved to another galaxy, which was seemingly rich with the Force. But here, they were powerless, drawing on the False Force. They began to teach Stryfe and three others about the Darkness, teaching him to feel its power, how to learn how to control it, not slip into the constant cycle. He learnt the rules that he would use to found the Organization.

There was a large war between the four of them, which pressed them to their limits. Stryfe emerged victorious, but weakend. But, he also knew that the True Sith Order would soon come for him. Knowing he could not fend them off, he bound his essence into a device that many year later found its way to the Milky Way thanks to members of the Organization who had formed a cult of worship around the device, over the millenia even having their greatest members channel his spirit. But they were annihilated soon after their arrival in the Milky Way galaxy by the True Sith Order, but not before they hid the sacred vessel of their God away.

Many years later, an independent Sith Lord by the name of Darth Valchuda discovered the talisman and unlocked its power, becoming the living vessel of Lord Stryfe.


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