The Lord's Chosen
General Information
Organization Type

Religious Force Order


Alphonse Christopher


Alphonse Christopher

Historical Information

24 BNE

Other Information

This article is a work in progress. Details may change upon future revision.

The Lord's Chosen is a Christian Force Order existing illegally in Kira's Kingdom. Formed in 24 BNE to provide refuge and support to Christian Force-sensitives in the face of legislation barring Force-Orders other than Kira's Blades, the Chosen would remain secluded for the next three decades. Starting in 10 NE the Lord's Chosen began to take a more active stance against the government, dissatisfied with the decision to support the aggressive Confederate-American Empire, and clashed with law enforcement and Kira's Blades repeatedly.


The Lord's Chosen believe the Force to be an extension of God's power, and Force-sensitivity to be a mark of those chosen by God to do His will on Earth. As such, they teach that the Force must not be used for personal gain, but must be wielded selflessly for the benefit of others.

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