Lillian Valkyrie
Lillian Valkyrie
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Hassark Prime

Date of Birth

45 BNE

Date of Death

11 NE

Physical Description




Chronological and Political Information
  • Executive of the Canton of Inquisition (10 NE - Present)
Family Information

Markus Valkyrie


Richard Valkyrie

Skills and Abilities


"Give us a few more weeks, and if this information is as good as you say it is, we may be able to formally initiate the program within the next month."
―Lillian Valkyrie to Martin Harvey.

Lillian Valkyrie is the wife of well known Imperial Fleet Admiral Markus Valkyrie. She was appointed as the head of the Inquisitorial Enforcement Agency when Darth Atrumcavus created it. After that, she was granted an official government position within the Executive Council.

She died in 11 NE, when a rogue Sith Lord killed her during an unprecidented attack on the Inquisitorial Enforcement Facility. Fortunately, the Hassarkian Consortium had only just finished developing a cloning technique which revived her. This was only able because of her lack of Force-sensitivity, and was not without its risks.

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