Kytori Yamaza is the Aueronian captain of the Malediction-class destroyer, the 'Devoter'.


Originally of Japanese-descent, Kytori joined the Aueronian Armada when he was very young. Not much is known on his past.


When the Aeh Kochian mining city was threatened by a race of rat-creatures known as Ras-Karns, the Devoter was sent in to provide aid.

Kytori Yamaza




27 standard human years






The Aueronian Armada


Alive. Undergoing recovery treatment.

Kytori began by sending in the Guards to help in defending the city alongside Imperial troops and the local police force. The Devoter then deployed the 'Hammer of God', a weapon that was used to incinerate a Ras-Karn base not far from the city, cutting out the rat-men's reinforcement.

The war was won not long after that.


After the Halsbar incident, Kytori was assigned to patrolling duties along the Combine's border. He than received a distress signal from the RI ship the Excalibur, which stated that they had been under heavy attack by an advanced race known as the Firstborn. The Devoter fought alongside ships from the Free Jedi and Bravis, who had also came to help.

In the end, the Free Jedi unleashes a singularity bomb, destroying everything in vicinity. The Devoter, badly damaged, escaped at the last minute and was found several light years away, drifting aimlessly in space by Fleet Captain Merial Wing.

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