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Monarquía Constitucional de Krakavia

Constitutional Monarchy of Krakavia

Puro Pan del Norte 2017 - present ATL
Constitutional Monarchy of Krakavia
North Puro Pan immediatly prior the formation of Puro pan del Norte.
Capital various across their history: Hellwighausen, Montania, Wendland, Käerburg

Puropanian, Krakavian,

Tracik and Nutkian dialects

Government Constitutional Monarchy, Presidential Republic, Military Junta
Creation 29 November 2017
Currency Kobens

The Monarquía Constitucional de Krakavia (CMK); or simply Krakavia (29 November 2017 - present)) is a nation in Aels, in the Wentviska Sea, in an area know as Puro Pan region

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When Kalinka Marvla became president of Puro Pan del Norte, and Samael I Sverdavyznd Czar the 25 October 2017, there began quickly the gestions in the congress to change radically the constitution of the Federative Republic of Puro Pan del Norte to a Constitutional Monarchy: only a slighty more than a month after the elections, Puro Pan ceased their existence, and began the one of Krakavia

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