Old Kelsier
Kelsier Calrissian
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Imperial Palace, Korribanos

Place of Birth

Imperial Center

Date of Birth

945 NE

Physical Description





1.87 m

Hair Color

Dark Grey

Eye Color




Chronological and Political Information
  • Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire (980 NE - Present)
Family Information

Glacious Calrissian


Maria Calrissian


Vin Atridies

Skills and Abilities

Galactic Basic

"An Empire is made up of more than just people and money. Its made of compassion, time and leadership. Unless you understand the fundamentals, you will never succeed in creating a stable Empire."
―Kelsier Calrissian to Gavin Uva.

Kelsier Calrissian is a compassionate, yet strong leader who would eventually become the Grand Vizier of the Galactic Empire. He spent some time in his younger years establishing his own business, where he quickly created a small Corporate Empire of his own. For years he almost commanded the Imperial Finance market, often predicting and shaping its ups and downs.

In 974 NE, he was appointed to the position of Commerce Minister in the Imperial High Council. Leaving his corporation to his second, Clive Fremond, he accepted the position. Through out his political career, he would always keep a close eye on his Corporation. After six years in his position, Emperor Hiero Walker grew impressed with the way that Kelsier would command a meeting, often making the Grand Vizier of the time Gavin Uva seem incompetent. Gavin Uva died in 980 NE from a heart attack, and after a long discussion, Emperor Walker appointed Kelsier to the position.

Kelsier married his wife, Vin Atridies, in 994 NE, and left her in charge of his Corporate Empire, finally giving Clive Fremond the break that he had been waiting for.


  • Into the Future (first appearance)

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