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The Bullfrog is the primary amphibious assault vehicle of the modernizing Carthaginian army, in service for seven years it has most recently been deployed in "Operation House Cleaning," where it played a significant role in establishing a beach-head for the JAN forces.

Design HistoryEdit

In 2028, the Carthaginian Army held a contest among various arms manufacturers to design a new amphibious vehicle. By far the most impressive was the design submitted by the Kalek Design Bureau, which featured heavy armor, retractable road gear, and a formidable AA defense. Some reservations were made about the high wait, of what should be an amphibious vehicle, but the KDB, assured the military, that a buoyancy system like a fish's swim bladder would be developed to off-set the high weight. In 2030 the vehicle was designed and prototypes began testing at military proving grounds. For anti-infantry defense a retractable machine gun was added to the front of the hull. Testing in rivers proved successful, and crews reported the newly dubbed "Bullfrog," a pleasure to drive. Testing in the ocean also was impressive, the Bullfrog plowing through even choppy waters easily. Production began, with the KDB producing 200 units a year.


The Bullfrog spearheads amphibious landings, its heavy armor making it very difficult to destroy. Once it crawls onto the cratered shores, of whatever country is unlucky enough for Carthage to attack, the Bullfrog, disgorges troops from a hatch located at the rear of the vehicle (the crew enter the vehicle through small hatches on the side of the vehicle). The Bullfrog is totally water-tight, and sits low in the water, so foundering or capsizing is rare. Nonetheless they are usually not deployed in rough water.

Type Armoured Personnel Carrier
Place of origin Carthage
Production history
Designed 2030
Produced 2033-present
Weight 29.9 tonnes
Length 7.64 m
Width 3.20 m
Height 3.0 m
Crew 3 (+9 passengers)
Armor classified


Twin 30 mm Kalek 2A42 cannon (500 rounds)


7.62 mm PKT machine gun (2000 rounds),AT-5 Spandrel ATGM, one 30 mm automatic grenade launcher (400 rounds).
Engine turbocharged diesel

510 hp (380 kW)

Power/weight 24 hp/tonne


800 km
Speed 100 km/h, 15 km/h swimming

However if the Bullfrog's hull were breached while in the water, its high weight would quickly drag it to the bottom,

making the vehicle a tomb for whoever was inside. Once ashore the Bullfrog provides fire support for the infantry, its

fast-firing AA cannons destroying helicopters and ground attack aircraft with ease. Bullfrog variants, armed with 100mm cannons in turret mounts or flame-throwers, support the assaults, destroying bunkers and pillboxes. Some Bullfrogs also have flails attached to their fronts to detonate buried land-mines. As larger landing craft ground upon the beach the Bullfrog's continue to provide fire support.

Once beacheads are secured, Bullfrog's move inland, continuing in their role as AA support and as APCs.

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