Jamus is a former citizen of DJR Empire, he was one of Dark Emperor David Turner's most trusted advisors, receiving mentorship in the Force.

Under the regime of Regent Daniel Turner in 8 BNE, the DJR Empire (now Republic) wasn't a place that he wanted to be. So he moved to Korribanos, and gained citizenship, joining the the CIS Judicial Department. Jamus considered himself a Korribanosian citizen after that. He would then work with the GE Police and Security, in the investigation of 'The Butcher of Tantalus', which turned out to be an Imperial Moff. After getting a confession out of the man, the authorities quietly apprehended him, and forced elections in his Sector. He was known in some of the top ranks of the GE Judicial Agencies as a top-notch detective. He went small time after that, until the Organization showed up. Recruited by the GE to interrogate prisoners.

His powers are limited. He can access the person's mind, and give them a realistic hallucination of the scene. He can inflict pain, send them mad if he tries hard enough. It is also possible for him to break the part of the victim's mind which lets him view reality, sending him into the torment of his own mind.

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