First Kagutsuchi Campaign

Inari Campaign

Year of Rebellion


April 11 NE - February 12 NE


Inari System




Kira's Kingdom

Initiated in April 11 NE when the Kira's Kingdom Aerospace Navy and Marines assaulted the Inari System and, specifically, the planet Demeter, the Inari Campaign was the longest-running campaign of the Year of Rebellion. Eventually reaching an effective stalemate, combat on Demeter and in the Inari System continued until the war's end in February 12 NE.

Strategic ImportanceEdit

Control of the Inari System was vital to the New Kingdom Alliance, as both its other members, Cybele and Feronia, and its occupied planets, Inculta and Chione, were dependent on Demeter's agricultural exports. Subsequently, Kira's Kingdom considered the capture of Demeter, or the establishment of unchallenged space superiority in the Inari System, the most effective way to force the NKA's surrender.

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