City 1

The capitol city of ImperiusX, located on the Home World of Adanac, Imperius Central is, as the name may suggest, the Political, Economic and Cultural centre-point of the nation.

Imperius Central is the capital of ImperiusX, the largest city on the planet Adanac. Located in Antaea, the city lies in the heart of the province, roughly equidistant from all the provincial borders.

Though generally governed by a municipal government under an elected-for-life or royally appointed mayor, and then further adminsitrated by a provincial overseer, the city ultimately remains under the control of the monarchy, much like the rest of the country.

In 10 NE, the city of had a population of over five hundred million sentients, making it the largest municipality on the planet, and meaning that it held roughly one sixteenth of the planet's population. Also as of 10 NE, the city was ranked as having the highest quality of living of any city on the planet by ICBC's Planetary Quality of Living Survey. It was also considered the 14th cleanest city in the nation by ICBC's 10 NE national eco-city ranking.

City 2

A source of pride for the citizenship; Imperius Central, the capitol city, is the largest city in the nation. It is home to many people, including the Dark Emperor and his family.

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