IAC Powered Combat Suit
Production Information

Imperial Armory Corporation


Powered Exoskeleton


7 NE

Physical and Technical Specifications

Approx. 214cm (7ft)


Approx. 200kg (441 lb)

Protection Type

Personal Energy Shielding (optional)

Usage and History

New Empire


Kira's Kingdom

The IAC Powered Combat Suit was designed by the Imperial Armory Corporation as a mass-production powered exoskeleton. Introduced in 7 NE, it quickly proved its worth and gained widespread use by the Holy Imperial Marine Corps and the Holy Imperial Army.


In addition to providing protection and enhancing the strength and speed of the wearer, the IAC Suit boasts a number of features intended to improve the wearer's effectiveness and survivability. A built-in communications system keeps the wearer in contact with his or her comrades and commander, while a HUD on the visor can display environmental and navigational information, the wearer's vitals, the suit's remaining power and integrity, the ammunition remaining in a held or linked weapon, infrared and thermal vision, targeting assistance, and motion detection assistance. External audio receivers allow the wearer to hear outside sounds from their direction of origin through speakers lining the helmet.

Complete NBC shielding, a built-in air purifier and rebreather, and internal temperature controls protect the wearer from external hazards and enable operation on inhospitable planets, in outer space, and in otherwise hazardous environments.

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