A Hyperspace Cannon was a type of superweapon developed and fielded by Kira's Kingdom. Although the most powerful Hyperspace Cannons were capable of destroying large planets, less powerful versions could be used effectively against smaller targets, such as starships or limited areas on a planet's surface.


Hyperspace Cannons functioned by electromagnetically or gravitationally accelerating a projectile, referred to as a Hyperspace Missile and carrying a high-density solid payload, through a Hyperspace Gate at the end of the cannon. The projectile would travel through hyperspace at superliminal speeds until it neared its intended target, at which point it would decelerate out of hyperspace and impact its target at relativistic speeds often greater than 95% light speed, the kinetic energy from which would utterly destroy the target. Due to their high travel speeds even after leaving hyperspace, they were extremely difficult to evade or intercept.

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