The Humanlike Superdroid Project was a competition for a Ministry of Defense contract to build human-like Superdroids for the Kira's Kingdom military. The competition was initiated in February 11 NE and included several major Kira's Kingdom based companies.


The Ministry of Defense outlined the desired unit as one that "can, or does normally, appear and act sufficiently human to interact with both military and civilian personnel without revealing itself as an automaton, while possessing superior intelligence and combat capability to existing or upcoming Superdroid models." Other requirements included strict adherence to orders, the ability to operate for extended periods of time without maintenance or recharging, and the ability to operate independently, but within standard protocol, when no orders had been given.



Submitted by the Easter Company, the Angeloid far outstripped its competitors in terms of combat capability, but proved inferior at emulating human behavior. Its projected cost-per-unit was also significantly higher.

Steel AngelEdit

Submitted by the GENOM Corporation, the Steel Angel boasted sufficiently human-like behavior and the lowest cost-per-unit, but was found to be less effective in combat than the Resemble Combat Droid.

Resemble Combat DroidEdit

Submitted by Medical Mechanica, the Resemble Combat Droid displayed similarly human behavior to the Steel Angel, while offering greater combat capabilities. It was also better able to pass scans without being exposed as an automaton.


The Resemble Combat Droid was deemed the best suited to the unit's intended role, and Medical Mechanica was awarded a contract for their mass production. The Angeloid's combat potential, however, persuaded the Ministry of Defense to order several more for continued testing.

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