Holy Kingdom of Belka
Political Information
Type of Government

Theocratic Monarchy

Head of State

Sankt Kaiser

Societal Information
Official Language


State Religious Body

Sankt Kirche

Historical Information
Date of Establishment


Date of Dissolution

c. 2500 BNE


Before New Empire

The Holy Kingdom of Belka (or Holy Belkan Kingdom, also translated Holy Belkan Empire. Belkan: Heilige Belkanish Reich) was an ancient Centran nation centered around what would later become known as the Crater Continent. It was a theocratic monarchy, with the Saint King (or Saint Emperor. Belkan: Sankt Kaiser) acting as both the monarch and head of the national religion, the Saint Church (Sankt Kirche). The Kingdom of Belka was destroyed sometime around 2500 BNE by the Lunar Cry, the event which ultimately led to the collapse of Centran civilization and the eventual extinction of the Centran species.

The Holy Kingdom of Belka possessed highly advanced Magitech and Device Magic, remnants of which would lead to Kira's Kingdom's development of similar technology following their colonization of Centra. Armed with this technology, Belka was a global hegemon at the time of the Lunar Cry, and had established military outposts in several nearby planetary systems, possibly in preparation for further colonization efforts.

Little else is known about Belka due to the severe destruction wrought by the Lunar Cry, however, the similarity between the Belkan language and German is particularly noteworthy, and has been the cause for much speculation among researchers of Centran civilization.

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