High Lady Py'ryll
High Lady Py'rylls
Biographical Information
Current Residence

Amazonia Goatana, Private Domain

Place of Birth

Earth, Region Unknown

Date of Birth

Approx. Approx 1150 BNE (900 CE)

Date of Death


Physical Description

Dionysian, Elder







Hair Color

Olive Green Tendrils

Eye Color

Variable/Solid Dark Green

Skin Color

Light green

Chronological and Political Information

Earth Middle Ages-New Era


Paraguayan Dominiorate

  • High Lady,
  • Senior Guardian Diplomat (10-11NE)
  • Secretary of State (11 NE)
Miscellaneous Information

Implanted finger-blades, blades

One of the most formidable Dionysians involved in visible leadership in the Paraguayan Dominiorate, High Lady Py'rylls is a force to be reckoned with. Rising to power with Supreme Overlord Ky'rinn Conrathan as one of the most powerful Dionysian Elders supporting him, she has played a more muted role, yet remains a powerful player behind the scenes. Having passed two Sleeps, and at least 1,200 years, she nevertheless remains highly active for her age, though at times walking a challenging line to work with the younger generation of leadership brought in by Ky'rinn.

Personality and TraitsEdit

The High Lady carries herself with a very regal aristocratic poise and sense of almost god-like authority around her inferiors. While often challenged, lke many Elders to adjust to changing social norms and equality between humans and Dionysians, she has proved remarkably adaptable and willing to work with those deemed as upstart youth by some of her peers. Nevertheless her wrath, if provoked far enough is legendary a challenge but, at times asset in a diplomat.

Her abilities, like many Elders remain a closely guarded secret but, given her history she undoubtably has access to formidable Arcane and racial traits. Her Charisma is said to dominate many younger Dionysians on the rare occassions she employs it, but she is rarely flashy. She has been observed to possess at some sort of implanted organic retractable finger-blades, but rarely engages in combat.


During the Ascension War, High Lady Py'rylls was one of the first, and most crucial supporters of Ky'rinn, playing a crucial diplomatic role in swaying a number of prominant, moderate Elders to turn on their own. This has made her a powerful figure among Loyalist Dionysians- but also earned her powerful enemies among some of the more reclusive Elders.

The High Lady remained a prominant court figure and Advisor to Overlord Con'rathan, but with his successor shifts in the court intially favored a number of non-Dionysians, including Jedi and a continuance of Ky'rinn's preference for younger, diverse leadership. Some whispered of a snub, others of Ill'lnya Naar's determination not to be controlled or overshadowed. Pw'rylls was chosen for Senior Guardian Diplomat over Secretary of State, awarded to a human Jedi Master. Eventually, by the end of the second year of Naar's rule she decided to elevate Py'rill to the top seat- althoutgh not without major challenges.

The High Lady played a key role during the Kira-Paraguayan Summit at the start of the Kira's Kingdom War in early 11 NE, and also was the government's negotiator during the Pluto Crisis talks.

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