Hassarkian Federation
The Hassarkian Federation
Political Information
Type of Government
  • Democratic Republic
  • Monarchy
Founding Document

'Federation of a Nation'

Head of State
Executive Branch
  • The Federation Senate
Legislative Branch
  • The Lower House
Societal Information
Official Language



The Imperial Credit

Historical Information
Formed From

The Hassarkian Empire

Date of Establishment

2 NE

Date of Reorganization

4 NE (reorganized into the Hassarkian Consortium

  • New Empire

Alana: "I'll remind you, that I am the Queen of this Federation. And my actions are represented to the galaxy, as a representation of this Federation!"
Silas: "Your point is?"
Alana: "Ok. But only once"
—Queen Alana Serbella to Jedi Silas Fremond
The Federation was

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