Hassarkian Empire
The Hassarkian Empire
Political Information
Type of Government


Head of State

Supreme Ruler Gabriel Florise


Lord Harry Keef

Societal Information

(newly re-named) Hassark Prime

Official Language




Historical Information
Formed From

The DJR Republic

Date of Establishment

2 NE

Date of Reorganization

2 NE (reorganized into the Hassarkian Federation)


As one of the most ambicious Hassarkian government ever, the Florise government was voted in through the elections in the DJR Republic. However, this government was short lived, as it kidnapped a known Jedi High Council member, and then threatened a Jedi world.

The Hassarkian Empire was mostly defined by the events of the Centurus War, or known commonly as Centurus.

Government Actions

After kidnapping Daniel Turner and failing, Florise tried to establish his power quickly. He brainwashed the citizens of the Empire to his will, turning the entire citizenry into an army of warriors which he could command. This would lead to the siege of Centurus and the eventual death of Gabriel Florise. Daniel Turner would then take command of the government again.

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