Organizational information
Led by

Executive Board



Major products
  • Hardware
  • Manufactured Goods
    • Vehicles (Commercial, Industrial, etc)
    • Home Appliances
    • Civilian Weaponry
    • Droid Bodies
  • Military Hardware (only when contracted)
Chronological and political information


  • ImperiusX
  • Profit

Hallix is ImperiusX's leading hardware and manufactured goods producer, and a multinational, galaxy-spanning, super-company worth trillions, much like its close partner VirtuCorp.

Despite working closely with VirtuCorp, Hallix never inherited the same reputation for ruthlessness, and wasn't run with the same ambitious drive towards monopolies as its frequent partner was.

Hallix has naturally been more co-operative than its counterpart, and more often than not has avoided press attention and received decent approval ratings from the general galactic public, quietly profiting without drawing too much attention to itself.

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