"Bring forth my bow and my sword, for there is an enemy to be vanquished." - Rafa Achtoma, upon declaring himself Great Khan in 2042, quoting the Birtish play, Land of Warriors.


Rafa Achtoma was born 9th October, 2007, son of Rafa and Martís Achtoma, a member of the Marjn Tribe of the Birtish people. He grew up in Hsetva, Este Koast Birts, where he was schooled in one of the schools founded by Great Khan James Wilkinson II, following his ascension to the Khanate. In 2025, Rafa joined the army, where his talent was spotted, and by the age of 27, he was promoted to commander.

Rafa Achtoma left the army in 2035, to pursue a life in politics. He was elected to the Senate in that year. Proving a competent politician, and an ally to the Great Khan, he found himself swiftly moved up the magisterial ladder thanks to patronage, and for the year of [Birts]2071 (20/03/2041-20/03/2042) he was elected as Consul. It was during this same term that the Great Khan awarded him the title of Honourable, an important recognition.

Upon the death of Great Khan James Wilkinson II in early 2042, (late [Birts]2071), Consul, the Honourable Commander Rafa Achtoma, declared himself Chieftan of the Marjn and Great Khan of the Birtish people. Opposed by the Shamans, Khanta Wilkasenn, and Censor Olya Qrt, he moved, with his army of supporters, to his native Hsetva, where he established a personal fiefdom.

In 2052, the Shamans came to him to negotiate a truce between the armies of Censor Qrt and his own. In the power sharing agreement hammered out, Rafa Achtoma was recognised as Great Khan, whilst he gave up his claim to be the Chieftan of the Marjn.

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