A gravitic warhead (or gravitic bomb), formally known as a High-Intensity Short-Term Artificial Gravitiational Field Generator, is a form of WMD developed by Kira's Kingdom in 10 NE.


Upon activation, gravitc warheads generate an intense artificial gravitational field, using technology similar to that found in most shipboard artificial gravity systems and interdictor fields. This field lasts for only a few moments before destroying the generator and dissipating. The strength of this gravitational field, and subsequently its effective range and destructive capacity, can vary depending on the warhead's intent as a tactical or strategic weapon.

In the event of a failed activation, gravitic warheads are equipped with a self-destruct mechanism to prevent the technology falling into enemy hands.


The tidal forces generated by the gravitational field are powerful enough to tear apart most organic and man-made objects within range, and objects particularly close to the field's source will be pulled together and crushed. When activated within an atmosphere, these effects will be compounded by the rapid compression and subsequent decompression of the surrounding air, generating a powerful shockwave. Lower end strategic-grade gravitic warheads can trigger minor earthquakes and volcanic activity due to the force exerted on a geologically active planet's crust, while the most powerful of devices can distort a planet and pull away portions of the crust.


The activation of a gravitc warhead is invisible in space, and can be detected only through gravitational detectors. Within an atmosphere, the activation will cause a bright flash near the source as the compressing air rapidly heats.

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