The Grand War Roleplay was a Roleplay that took place at the end of World War 1. It lasted from 1918-1954, the main characters in this Roleplay was the Central Powers (The Balkans, The Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary and The Indo-Africa Federation). The Central Powers lasted until The Balkans had a new government and resigned from the alliance. The Ottoman Empire resigned leaving the alliance between Austria and the Federation. The Federation which was a combined country of the Indian Africa and the African Union soon fell after a nuclear bomb exploded over Cairo causing anarchy. Austria-Hungary gained many colonies at the fall of the Federation. The Balkans had a top-notch Air Force and made great advancements. The Russians went against their Balkan Allies towards the 1950's. The UCS went to war with the Balkans and Russia which ended with it ceding Japan and Korea to the Balkans. Russia became communist as the influence of communism spread into China, Spain, The Islamic League, France, The Ottoman Empire, Germany, The British Empire, and The UCS. The Communist Countries of the World joined the Communist and Socialist United Nations (CSUN). It's capital was at The United States (Later Became the UCS)- Jing hao of Silverii

India (Later became the Indian Empire, then Indo-African Federation, then became India, then became the Millennium League) Derrick Capa of the Soviet Spanish Union

Germany (Later Became the German Empire)- Melvin Hildebrand of Preubishce Concordia

Spain (Later became the Iberian Empire following the Invasion of PShanghai. CSUN declared war on the Balkans because they were enemies of communist influence in the world. The CSUN Forces were very close to victory towards the end of the RP, almost capturing the Balkan Capital of Athens. The Federation and the Balkans clashes in the New Punic Wars. The Titans clashed in three ears: 1st War- Ended With A Treaty, 2nd War- Ended With A Treaty, 3rd War-Ended with Defeat.

Grand WarEdit

ortugal)- Pacha Echeverri of Federated Korneria

South Africa (Later became the Africa Union, then the Indo-African Federation, then the South African Union)- Alex Tiesort of the The Amicus

Islamic League (Aftermath Territories of the Middle East and North East after the Fall of the Indo-African Federation)- Alex Tiesort of The Amicus

French Empire (Later became France)- Ryan Hayes of Uisge Beatha

British Empire (Later became Great Britain and Northern Ireland)- Ryan Hayers of Uisge Beatha

Austria-Hungary (Later became Austrian Empire) Ben Endsley of Tiocfaidh Ar La

Russia (Later became Soviet Empire)- Dan Rudh of Khaldoria

Balkans- Jared Twist of Zentex Industries

Ottoman Empire- Joseph Hayes of Buccan

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