Imperial Government

The Imperial Government is the central governing body of Kira's Kingdom. It is divided into several Ministries, the heads of which report directly to the Emperor.


Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)

Ministry of Defense (MoD)

The Ministry of Defense holds direct authority over all branches of the military. It is lead by the Supreme Commander, and its officials are considered military personnel.

Ministry of the Economy (MoEc)

The Ministry of the Economy is responsible for determining laws and policies relating to the nation's economy, such as government lending and subsidy programs, monetary policy, and non-political trade policies. It is also responsible for creating and enforcing business regulations, issuing Business Permits, and operating seized business until they are resold into the private market.

Ministry of Education (MoEd)

Ministry of the Environment (MoEn)

The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for drafting environmental protection laws, collecting and analyzing environmental data, and advising other Ministries on environmental policy. The Supernatural Disaster Prevention Agency is under the Ministry of the Environment.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoF)

Ministry of Justice (MoJ)

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for all law enforcement activities and as such holds direct authority over all law enforcement and judicial agencies. The Special Security Division is under the Ministry of Justice.

Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA)

The Ministry of Religious Affairs is responsible for monitoring religious practices and evaluating religious beliefs and institutions. With the Emperor's approval it may Recognize or Ban religions, or reverse earlier Recognitions and Bannings.

Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST)

The Ministry of Science and Technology is responsible for distributing research grants and operating government research programs.

Constituent Governments

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