Godsend Project
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13 BNE

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Esper Development Program

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Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Parapsychology




Initiated by Kira's Kingdom in 13 BNE, the Godsend Project sought to imbue previously normal, non-Force sensitive humans with psionic abilities through a combination of genetic alteration and specially concocted drugs. Despite early difficulties the project was a success and was later extended to improve upon existing methods. As of 12 NE the Godsend Project is still ongoing.


In late 14 BNE several surviving documents were uncovored which detailed the "Esper Development Program", a secret research initiative undertaken by the Japanese government around 50 BNE and erased from their records on the eve of the government's collapse at the end of the Shining Rebellion. In early 13 BNE Emperor Gene Smith approved the Godsend Project and allocated a significant amount of funding to the development of psionics based on the recovered documents.

For the first eleven years the project yielded no results; although the recovered documents referred to a successful experiment there was little information on how this was achieved. It was not until 3 BNE that the project demonstrated it's potential; a human subject was successfully imbued with psychokinetic abilities, but lost control of those abilities and died shortly thereafter. The process was modified several times with varying results, and in 2 BNE the first successful, stable human test was conducted, with the subject demonstrating the ability to levitate objects weighing up to 3 ounces by several inches. Although the ability was weak, the discovery of a working process was a major breakthrough. The process was refined further, and an experiment in mid 0 NE yielded the first approved "Godsend" soldiers. The process was still imperfect, however, as while these "Generation 0" Godsends possessed powerful abilities, only a few were able to control them. Additionally, there was no way to control or determine exactly what abilities a subject would develop. Further refinements resulted in the "Generation 1" Godsends, who's abilities were weaker but more controllable, but still developed seemingly at random.

In 7 NE, researchers stumbled upon a formula that could reliably imbue the subject with telepathic abilities. Although this formula had the potential to grant additional abilities, the powers granted were deemed too weak for the Project's purposes. Military officials saw the potential for this formula, however, and it would form the basis of the Ghost Program

Over the next several years those involved with the Godsend Project began to notice an unexpected side effect of the process. Certain Godsends appeared to have stopped ageing or aged at a reduced rate, a phenomenon more common with Generation 0 but affecting later generations as well. This observation would lead to the creation of the Fountain Project in 5 NE.

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