Gath Koor
Gath Koor
Biographical information



38 BNE

Physical description





5' 8"

Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Chronological and political information

New Empire

Known masters

Rahm Kota

Known apprentices

Colt Fader

Gath Koor was a male Jedi Master who was a "career Jedi", meaning he began his Jedi training when he was a child. Trained by Rahm Kota in the Jedi Autonomous Region, he attained Knighthood by the time he was nineteen years old. He had several apprentices, however their identities remain unknown.


As a young child, Koor demonstrated very strong Force sensitivity to the point where his parents in Texas begged the Jedi to take him and train him. Rahm Kota, then Grand Master of the Confederate Jedi Order came to the Koor's dwelling where he tested the young boy in 31 BNE. Determining the boy would do well to follow the Jedi way, Gath Koor was taken back to the Jedi temple and assigned to Rahm Kota as an apprentice.

Koor was promoted to Jedi Knight in 10 BNE.

Jedi Knight and OnwardEdit

With the outbreak of the First Confederate War in 4 NE, Gath Koor was one of the few Jedi who believed the Jedi ought to stay out of the hostilities. Because of that, he was in the temple when the Aztec Sith came calling to destroy the order. Koor suffered ghastly wounds, however he recovered sometime later.

With nearly seven of the twelve members of the Confederate Jedi Council killed that day, Koor was selected and promoted to the rank of Jedi Master and placed on the Council along with Kyle Koff, Jennifer Nemar, and Samantha Salhem.

In 7 NE, Koor was appointed as an interim Grand Master while Aden Fader took a personal leave of absence. Within two years, the Second Confederate War had broken out with the newly formed Confederate-American Empire. Little did Koor know that their leader, Darth Atra, had engineered events to pull the Jedi into the war. Koor fought to keep the Jedi out of the war, however they were eventually pulled in.

In 12 NE, Koor handed the title of Grand Master back to Aden Fader, feeling it was too great of responsibility for him. Following this, Koor continued to serve as a loyal Confederate Jedi on the High Council.

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