Soon-to-be Lord Angmar leading his troops during the main battle against the Jenai

The Fourth Great War was the last large-scale confrontation between the Lords of Darkness of the Shadow Lands and the Jenai of the Lands of Light which occurred in 17 BNE. The war is significant for several reasons. First, it pitted the future Dark Lord Angmar against Light Master Olin Vey for the first time. It was also the occasion of the death of Ganor Vey's parents at the hands of Lord Feyr(soon-to-be Angmar). And finally, it was the event which led to Lord Angmar murdering his master and reigning Dark Lord, Sildur, and taking command of the Dark Lords himself.

Light Master Olin Vey sensing the deaths of his son and daughter-in-law during the main battle of the War

Major Players

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