Federation Remnants
Federation Remnants
Political Information
Type of Government

Informal Republic

Head of State

Provisional President


Provisional President

Societal Information

Yukon City, Cleburne (planet)

Official Language



Federation Reserve Note

Historical Information
Formed From

Stonewall Federation

Date of Establishment

600 NE

Date of Dissolution

610 NE


Rise of the Imperium

The Federation Remnants was an informal government ruling over twenty of the fifty planets that had been apart of the Stonewall Federation prior to its government's violent disbandment at the hands of Darth Novus in 600 NE. The Remnants was considered a repubilc, despite the fact there were never any elections held for any officer other than Provisional President. It was more a military organization bent on restoring the Stonewall Federation. The Remnants was defeated by the Stonewall Imperium in 610 NE and subsequently absorbed by the Imperium.

The flag used by the Remnants was the same flag used by the militia groups during the Second Confederate War when they were under the control of the Confederate-American Empire.

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