Federation High Command

The official Federation High Command insignia.

The Federation High Command was the Stonewall Federation governmental organ in charge of its Stonewall Federation Armed Forces, headed by the Supreme Commander. Formally known as the Federation High Command, it was often referred to as Stonewall Federation High Command to avoid confusion with outside nations.  The FHC served essentially as the Federation's war and defense department.

The FHC was initially established informally at the end of the Second Confederate War with the establishment of the Stonewall Federation. It was formally established in the Military Revitalization Act of 12 NE. Command was made up of several persons. The Supreme Commander, who was the highest ranked military member beneath the Chancellor, headed the agency and answered directly to the Chancellor. Other members included Federation Secretary of War, First Admiral of the Space Corps, Second Admiral of the Space Corps, and Commodore of the Stonewall Federation Terrestrial Division.

As of 12 NE, the following filled the above mentioned positions:

  • Commodore of the Terrestrial Division: Parker Elliot

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