"The Razorcat? What a hunk of shit, I watched my wingsman Razorcat start to tear apart in the air while we were going supersonic, the fleet is plagued by problems and yet we still cannot get replacement fighters for the Razorcats we've lost."
―Captain Jessie "Acrobat" Sullens, VFA-223 Scorpions, NAS Sigonella
F-24 Razorcat
F-24 Razorcat
Production Information

Multirole Fighter, Interceptor

Average Unit Cost

173 Million Tarakian Dollars




Northrop Grumman-Lockheed Martin

Sub Contractors
  • Raytheon
  • Lockheed Martin
Country of Origin

Democratic Republic of Tarakia



In Service


Used By

Tarakian Navy

The F-24 Razorcat was a 5th Generation Multirole and Interceptor Aircraft designed for the Navy's Advanced Tactical Fighter-2017 Program, it was in turn a navalized F/A-22 Raptor with swing wings as well as other naval enhancements. The Razorcat itself, was considered a development of the F-14/21 Super Tomcat, a comprehensive upgrade package for older Tomcats and new build Tomcat Fighters to bring them into the 21st century standard, as well as keep them modernized for service into the 2020's if possible.

The Razorcat, plagued by problems saw a very short service life in the Democratic Republic Navy, The entire fleet was grounded in 2029 due to defects found in some of the engines, as well as other problems found in the aircrafts airframe integrity. In 2030, some squadrons were authorized to resume flight operations off the decks until an uncorrected problem lead to a fatal crash killing several deck personal, including the pilots as well as wounding a dozen or so other sailors, this prompted Navy Brass to issue a request for retirement of the Razorcat for FY2031.

The F-24 Razorcat was superseded by the F-28 Tomcat II (Also known as the Puma).

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