" We will destroy the Entorian loyalist. A new era shall rise. West Entoria will live and the rest will die"

- Rebel Dimitri sutshelov Leader of the West Entorian rebellion Talking to the WE 15th Tank division.

Tension Rises and war Starts. 1954 - 1959Edit

West Entoria ( WE ) was the whole state of stravia. Its capitol was Sugolov. Dimitri gathered a army of 5,000 and wanted to attack the capitol building in Sugolov. On May 12th 1959 Entoria was attacked. More people joined. May 14th 1959 Entorian and Robur Planes bombed the WE forest. After that Entorian Rangers were sent to destroy the surviving Rebels. May 15th 1959 Buccan ships block the Sugolov port. RPG's fire at the buccanese ships but little damage is done. May 17th Divine Clemency Navy Seals attack sugolov. They run it the foothills were Uisgebeatha snipers kill the rebels chasing them. May 18th Entorian Rangers find a WE base in the mountains. May 23rd 1959 Evermist ships send down Mechs to help with the battle. May 29th Entorian Soldiers Attack the Entorian Base.

Battle in the mountains 1959 - 1960Edit

The WE soldiers attacked towns in North Entoria ( Switzerland ) Uisge Beatha responded with support and stationed a 500,000 force in Naroski. Over 1 million WE soldiers tried to take the city over and Uisge Beatha was outnumbered. A Large Valley was to the west of Naroski where the WE had to cross. Uisge Beatha Artillery bombed the valley and the Entoria Guard in Naroski helped as well. Snipers from the South of Valley provided sniper support and were able to attack the WE from the flank. WE forces threw smoke bombs across the Valley. The Snipers were useless and so was the Artillery. Entorian Airforce had to bomb the valley. But a suprissed happened and the WE used anti air guns. The Entorian Soldiers never suspected that they would have that. WE was getting help from another nation.

Battle of Mt. SalsunEdit

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