End of an Era

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This RP is a story which was focused on formally introducing New Krypton to the Roleplay Community, based in early 12 NE.


Sel-Or meets a man down a dark part of Argo City, meeting up with an 'alien' who went by the name of George Zahn. He claimed to be from the Galactic Empire, and wanted to start up communications with the isolated yet advanced world. Sel-Or was beginning to explain how hard that was, when Police Officers arrived to arrest the illegal alien. Before they were able to subdue George Zahn, he beamed them both up to the Seeker to safety.

Meanwhile, down on New Krypton, Leela Ry-Ak met with the officers who had been unsuccessful at capturing them. Afterwards she met with High Council, where the problem was addressed. Hal-Il initiated Code Zero, after voting to continue their isolation. After the meeting, Leela and Hal-Il met privately.

Aboard the [I]Seeker[/I], Sel-Or found himself with a woman named Delia Halvern She asked him a few questions, but found him strangely uncaring of their technology. Soon Captain Zahn sent Sel-Or, Delia Halvern, Garven Mynd and two Imperial Guards down to the planet.

They met with Hal-Il, who was surprised to see them simply appear in the center of the High Council Chambers. Instantly calling the guards, Delia tried to introduce themselves. However things turned bad, as they were arrested as potentially dangerous to the Kryptonian way.

Leela met with Delia, then the Jedi Garven Mynd broke out. They tried to make their way to fulfill a mission Leela gave them, however, unable to do so, they ran into the City.

A woman looked in on the situation with her glowing ring, asserting her control over the 'other'.

Soon the team found a mysterious woman, Isobelle Glover who claimed to be an Imperial herself. After she told them her story, they followed her back to her small hide-out, where Sel-Or fixed the comm-device that Isobelle had salvaged.


By type 
Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea


Dramatis personae

New Kryptonian's

  • Sel-Or (Scientist)
  • Hal-Il (Council Head)
  • Leela Ry-Ak (Commissioner)
  • Juy-Or (High Council Member)
  • Por-It (High Council Member)
  • Ian-Ok (High Council Member)
  • Juie Uli (High Council Member)
  • Janus Ye (High Council Member)

Crew of the Seeker

Other characters


  • Imperial team finds New Krypton during last stage of Unknown Region exploration.
  • The High Council authorizes Code Zero.
  • Brainiac Steals Kandor (mentioned only)
  • Imperial Team broke out of imprisonment into the city.
  • Emperor Walker's apparent death (mentioned)
  • The Organization Crisis (mentioned only)


  • New Krypton
    • Argo City
      • 'The Slums'
      • Government Complex
        • Commissioner's Office
        • High Council Chambers
      • Isobelle's Apartment.
  • Seeker, Imperial Star Destroyer.
    • Command Bridge
  • Imperial Reaper (Star Destroyer)
  • Korribanos (mentioned only)
  • Hassark Prime/ DJR Empire (mentioned only)
  • Vortex borders (mentioned only)

Organizations and titles

  • Kryptonian Government
    • Kryptonian High Council
    • Commission for Technology Acceptance
  • The Galactic Empire (mentioned only)
    • Galactic Emperor (mentioned only)
  • The Hassarkian Consortium/ DJR Empire (mentioned only)

Sentient species


Vehicles and vessels

  • Imperial Star Destroyer
  • Lambada-class Shuttle
  • Isobelle's shuttle

Weapons and technology

  • Beaming Technology
  • Comm-Device

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