"United under my rule, the Birtish people shall rise, stronger than ever before." - Great Khan James Wilkinson I, following his declaration of himself as Great Khan.

The Empire of the Birtish Tribes, or the Birtish Empire, was the name used for the nation that is now the United Birtish Territories from the War of Unification (1984) until the Third Civil War (2009-2010).


The Empire of the Birtish Empires history can really be traced back to the Pact of Mutual Military Agreement, when the Marjn and Tabrn tribes essentially joined forces under the man who would later become Great Khan. The War of Unification, fought between initially the Marjn and Tabrn tribes, and later the tribes they defeated, but also sucked in foreign powers like the United Fascist States of America, New Xanadu, and the People's United Commune of South Birts for Jesus. Ultimately, the combined forces of Wilkinson were victorious, and the tribes were united under the rule of a single Great Khan .

Once united, profound change instantly started to take place within the tribes. Namely, this was the second attempt to try and start to settle the Birtish people, after the eventual failure of the City-State and Theocracy . Indeed, during the Birtish Empire's brief existance, the percentage of the population who were nomadic fell steeply to 50%.

Throughout the Empires early history, tensions with PUCSBJ ran high, and indeed, frequent attacks by citizens went both sides of the borders. In 1991, the PUCSBJ was undergoing political strife, and so, when rockets struck a holy gathering of the Nwrt tribe, Great Khan James Wilkinson I had no hesitation in launching a full punitive attack across the border. When the army met no resistance, they were able to annex the southern Christian Birtish population into the Empire.

The Birtish Empire fell after the Third Civil War, when factions fighting for the Great Khan , his son Frathm, tribal leaders who wished to return to a nomadic lifestyle and communists, primarily from the south. The Great Khan died during this war, and so his supporters mostly supported his son, Frathm, making his victory almost inevitable, and led to the foundation of the United Birtish Territories on August 1st 2010.

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